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Get Rich And Buy A Lamborghini?

Crazy Life As A Small Business Owner

Friday 9th April 2021

One common specialist business help is the business coach (or business mentor, and a specialist in this service will explain the difference). The business coach pitches their business on the lines of, you didn't get into business to work 24/7 and live on the bread line... get me to help and we'll help you buy that red Lamborghini you dreamed of buying. The reality of small business life is that holidays will be difficult (who can you trust with the business anyway), you stand a good chance of going out of business (failure rate statistics are impressively bad), you'll wonder why you left that job with a regular pay packet, (those were the days when someone else worried about sales and marketing and there was an office who employed people to manage the bureaucracy of paying VAT and worried about employment law). So, if you want long holidays: become a teacher. If you want a red Lamborghini, be born rich and then get an ifa to help develop your investment portfolio.

On the other hand, if would like to revolutionise your life with endless learning opportunities; get to meet loads of different people, make a difference in your society by joining the ranks of entrepreneur, enter the alternative universe that the small business people inhabit... then consider starting up a small business.

How to start? Check the resources that Google offer, they want small businesses to prosper because they buy advertising off them. Find a business club and join it. Local authorities often offer free business help.

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