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Own shaped stickers on a roll, gloss coated

Stickers on a roll available in standard shapes and custom shapes

£ 57.95 Turnaround: 5 working days Plus VAT

Minimum label size 10mm
Maximum label size 300mm

Supply a cutting guide for printing a custom shape.

Paper types include...
Betulla Laid for bottles
Black Pulp for bottles (resists water)
Special finishing options include...
Gold & Silver Foil
Raised gloss in selective places
Varnish for scratch resistant
Lamination in Gloss & Matt
Mirror print for the inside of windows
White print for transparent labels

If you are you using a machine to apply labels...
-You may need to consider the gap between the labels.
-The orientation / direction the label coming off the roll.
-If you want a label that is "1-up" You'll also need to think about selecting the smallest roll height that it will fit on to.

"3-up" means you'll get a roll of three stickers per row.